Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend fun...

Warning... Lots of photos!!!
We had a busy weekend.  Friday night I let my nephew and neice spend the night with me. 
We watched a movie and drank hot chocolate. 

We played The Sims on Elizabeth's computer and told ghost stories unter the blanket!

We played outside on the swingset

We ate pototoe soup!

Ally and Daddy napped on the couch!

Then Saturday night Patrick and I went a wedding.  It was one of my good friends from high school.  The wedding was beautiful the bride was beautiful.  The only problem was I didn't watch one down of football Saturday night.  We got to the reception and the bartender was told not to turn the TV's on until after they had cut the cake.  By the tiem they turned them on it was halftime in both games.  The men got to watch most of the second half but my and my sister decided to hit the dance floor.

Mr. Jones, me and my sister.

Patrick and Matt

Sister's friends.

Sister, Clay and me! (We were roommates at UA for a semester!)

Me and Gab

The beautiful bride

Bride and Groom (I'm pretty sure they didn't know I was taking this!)

Sister had a long night!

Most importantly...

Alabama 31- Mississippi State 3
Roll Tide Roll!!!

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