Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday Night in T-Town

Friday afternoon I left work a bit early and headed to meet Kristen at my parents house.  We headed to Tuscaloosa.  I was so excited to spend the weekend with my sister and brother.  We went to dinner at Mugshots for one of the best burgers in town.  A good time was had by all, until Kristen spilled her cherry coke.  After dinner we headed back to the house for margaritas to plan out our evening.  We couldn't really decide where we wanted to go.  After much discussion we agreed Harry's Bar was our destination.  Harry's is not the most glamourous bar in town.  It's in a questionable part of town.  I've heard stories of Harry's from when my cousins were at UA in the '80's.  I'd never been in all my years at Bama neither had my sister.  So we loaded up the car and headed to Harry's.  The minute we got out of the car we heard gunshots.  I'm not even kidding.  The main reason we wanted to visit Harry's was to sign the "Welcome to Gardendale" sign.  (It's also been there since the '80's.)  We get in and immediately head to see the sign.  It's gone.  We started looking around the bar and couldn't find it anywhere.  I was so sad.  We got a "Harry's bucket", which is basically a liquor suicide, and hung out for awhile.  John and Hope came we drank a few beers with them and then decided we'd head to the Houndstooth.  While we were there John sent me a text saying the sign was still at Harry's.  We would have to go back.  (not until Saturday night though).  We left the Houndstooth and headed home.  It was a great night full of friends and fun!
Kristen, Me and Elizabeth at Mugshots.
Me and Kristen at Harry's

Me and the empty bucket.  I was trying to wink...I can't do it.

Me, John and Elizabeth.

Sister with the bucket.  (yes we all got a picture with the bucket)

So Saturday night we decided we had to go see the sign so we headed back.  We all signed the sign and took pictures.  Yes, we are that dorky.
Garedendale High School Alumni

Amy and Kristen with the Gardendale sign.  Amy lives there part time and Kristen just moved there.

Leaving Harry's Saturday night.

I've got a whole other post in the works for Gameday.  It was so much fun.  We took Porter to his first Bama game and Ava went too. 

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