Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slumber Party

No decorations yet...they're slowly going up.  I wasn't as motivated as I'd hoped!  I'll have it all finished by next week hopefully!
Now to the slumber party.  Ava, Harper and I had a blast last night!  I picked them up then I had to take some pictures of some friends for their Christmas card so they tagged along and were so good.  When we were on our way home from Amy and Sean's, Patrick called and his parents were having trouble with their printer so I stopped by there to see if I could help.  It was taking me a little longer than I thought it would and the girls were being really shy.  Mrs. Horton offered them some candy and they acted like they'd known her for years!  It was really sweet.  We left there and finally made it to my house.  We ate hot dogs for dinner.  I think Harper only ate ketchup.  After the movie we watched Beauty and the Beast.  Which is my favorite Disney movie.  They quickly went to sleep after the movie and slept till 8:00 this morning when Ally woke them up.  We ate breakfast, took baths, got dressed and made it to church 10 minutes early.  I was pretty proud of myself!

Those are just a couple of the shots of Amy, Sean and Chloe.  I thought they turned out so cute! 

Getting ready to watch Beauty and the Beast!

I told them to make a funny face. I was the only one who listened!
We had a great time.  I love getting to be an aunt.  It was so sweet to hear them laughing this morning when Ally went in to wake them up.  I think Ally loved having them here!  It's been a great weekend!  I'm so looking forward to this week.  We have lots going on!  I have a feeling it's only the beginning of a very busy holiday season!

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