Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Saturday! Yay!

Alabama won!  Yay!  63-7 to be exact.  I didn't watch much of the game.  I listened to a lot of it on the radio.  I was excited that so many guys got to play.  Eli Gold was saying how special it was that for some of those boys it will be the only time they get to play in a game. Now that that game's over it's officially Iron Bowl Week!  Yay!  I'm still looking for a ticket.  I'm not sure when we're going down there.  We'd talked about going down Thursday night and doing some black Friday shopping in Tuscaloosa but who knows what this week will bring. 
I'm putting up my Christmas trees today.  I am one of those people that hates to put them up before Thanksgiving but if I don't get them up this weekend there's a good chance they won't go up this year!  Next Saturday is Babo and Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  I'm getting so excited (and nervous) about seeing everything we've been planning come together. 
I got 3 new trees last night.  I'm so excited to put them out this year.  We have our main tree in the living room.  I'm adding a 6 foot Alpine tree in the foyer that I'm only putting ribbon and lights on.  I'm going to use it to display our Christmas cards using clothes pins and the ribbon.  I think it's going to be really pretty.  then I bought a 6.5 foot white tree for the den downstairs that I'm going to put our Alabama and Auburn ornaments on.  I think it's going to be cute too.  I'm not a themey person when it comes to trees.  (You can read about our decorations and tree from last year HERE.)  Even though the Alabama/Auburn tree is themed  I'm still not going to go out and buy a bunch of crap to put on it just to have it.  Patrick and I decided that we would add the ornament tradition and we would get each other an Alabama or Auburn ornament each year for that tree.  I also got a small 2 foot tree for the guest room.  Mainly just because my nieces are coming to stay with me tonight and I thought they'd think it was so fun.  I eventually want to get a pink tree for the guest room to put all of my Barbie ornaments.  (Right now if I put all the Barbie ornaments on one tree there'd be very few for the main tree). 
I guess that is enough rambling for one post.  I'll be back with decorations and my slumber party with Ava and Harper. 

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Roll Tide! and what fun we are waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to put up ours. what a great idea about showing off your cards