Monday, June 1, 2015

All Dogs Go To Heaven: Part 2

As you know we about a month ago we lost our lab Gracie.  We knew Sam would be heart broken without her.  We were afraid he would go downhill fast and we were right.  31 days after he lost his best friend, Sam passed away.  It was heart breaking to lose him but it was also heart breaking watching him mope around without her.  When he realized she wasn't coming home he quit eating.  He would eat bread or scraps but he wouldn't eat much else.  He didn't want to go outside.  He just laid by the garage door.  He didn't get excited when we came home.  He was just there.  You could just tell he was heart broken.  It was pitiful.
Patrick had Sam before we got married and he was the best dog.  You could just open the garage door and he went straight to the fence.  He didn't get out of the fence and if he did he just went to the front and sat on the front porch.  He was the best guard dog.  He never barked and if he did you'd better get up and see what was going on. 
He was huge!
When Gracie had her puppies he was a nervous wreck.  We had to make him sleep outside because he made her so nervous.  He was so sweet with her and the babies.
He didn't like hot weather at all.  In the heat of the summer, when you opened the door for him to go out if it was too hot he would just look at you like you had lost your mind if you thought he was going out.
He loved the lake too.  He didn't get to go as many times as Gracie.  He would swim and swim until he could barely walk he was so worn out.  Then he drag himself up to the deck (or where ever the most people were gathered) and shake of all the water.  As you can imagine, no one enjoyed that. 
I will miss his sweet face that was always happy to see me.
In his younger days he would chase a tennis ball for hours. 
In his later years he would chase it once and then look at you like you're an idiot if you though he was going after it again. 
He loved us fiercely.  He was the definition of loyal.  He was the best dog.  I'm sad that Barrett wont remember what a great dog he was.  We miss him and Gracie so much.  But life goes on.  We hold on to all the memories we made together and we're comforted that they didn't have to live long without each other. 

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