Monday, June 1, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 21

Week 21
Day 141:  It was a crazy day at the office this day so I posted this picture of me and Barrett from the beach as a "throw back Thursday".  I love this picture.
Day 142:  I got to do one of my favorites things ever.  Enjoy the night sitting on the deck talking and soaking in the cool weather.
Day 143:  Another beautiful evening at the lake.
Day 144:  Ally enjoyed herself too.
Day 145:  This boy passed out on the way home from the lake. 
Day 146:  Another sad day.  31 days after he lost his best friend Gracie, Sam passed away.  We are sad and miss him greeting us everyday but he was so sad without her it was hard to watch.
Day 147:  I forgot to take a picture on the actual last day of MDO so I snapped one really quick this week.  He was mad about something and it cracked me up.

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