Monday, June 15, 2015

Garth Brooks: Groupie Status pending

I have been looking forward to this weekend since we bought our tickets a month ago.  We had the best time at the show in Atlanta that we knew we wanted to see Garth and Trisha again.  This time was going to be so much fun because we had a big group going.  I was so excited to get a night out!  We dropped Barrett off around noon on Saturday so we could relax and take our time getting ready.  I told Patrick I was going to start getting ready around 1:00 to which he replied, "It's not the Prom!".  So I pushed it back to 2:00 so I'd have ample time to be looking my best in case Garth and Trisha noticed me. 
Funny story, I saw this dress in a local boutique last month and fell in love with it.  Pink is my signature color.  I didn't buy it because I just  couldn't justify it that day.  I didn't say anything about it, Well about two weeks later, Brittany told me she went in the new boutique and bought a dress.  She was like it's hot pink, you're going to love it.  I was so stinking excited that she'd bought it and agreed to let me borrow it.  It was perfect for this occasion.  It was bright so no one in our group lost me and I'm pretty sure both Garth and Trisha saw it and waved at us! 
Anyway, I love it. It was one of those outfits that I just felt good in.  You ladies know what I mean.  I'd gotten several compliments on the way in and I'm feeling good, then I tripped and almost busted my face.  It was very humbling and I probably needed to be knocked down a notch.
We met at On Tap in Fultondale to eat before we headed down.  We decided to all pile in my car and ride together.  It was fun!
Selfie stick in action.
We got parked and headed in!  But not before some pictures of course.
More pictures to pass the time.  We were told that it was going to be a "hard open" at 7:05 sharp since there was another show at 10:30.  At 7:30 Garth came out.  There was no opening act.  
Jessica took this from her seats.  That bright pink dress by the guy in the white shirt and hat on the second row of the upper deck.  That's us.  Jessica said I was glowing! ha!
After the show we went to Tin Roof with all the young people.  I was looking around wondering why they let so many kids in.  Then I realized I was old.  We had a blast though.  I'd forgotten how much fun live music is.
I was so happy Matt and Jennifer took our last minute extra tickets.  We always have so much fun with them!
A night out with the Hortons isn't complete without a late night stop at Waffle House.  Jessica and I got bumped to another table because we had to go to the bathroom.

So we took selfies.  We ended the night listening to Garth on the jukebox.  (and maybe a little Britney Spears).  It was seriously one of the most fun nights.  After the crappy year we've had it was fun to dance it off.  I want to go again!  I'd go see him every weekend if I could.

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