Monday, June 8, 2015

June Goals

It's been a couple of months since I posted monthly goals.  Things got crazy around here for a little while (and I don't even remember what we were doing).  I loved having goals but I was bad at keeping up with them.  I'm back on the wagon so to speak and looking forward to this month. (even though it's already the 8th)
Lazy Saturdays!
Since Patrick is home on the weekends for the time being I'm trying not to overbook us.  So far we've done some really fun things and I've loved having the freedom to just hang out.  
Garth Brooks!
We're going to see Garth again this weekend with a group of friends and I'm so looking forward to it  I'm excited to wear a cute dress and hang out without the kids!  
Clean out the garage!
Since the big dogs are gone we're trying to get everything cleaned out so I can park in there.  I'm so excited to park in a garage for the first time.  I know it'll great with the heat of the summer pretty much here.
Organize Guest Room!
When we got new furniture the guest room once again became a disaster area.  I need to go through  all the stuff and donate and consign some things and find a place for everything else.
Swim & Sun!
My goal is to go swimming once a week somewhere.  Luckily we have friends that have a pool so we've been able to achieve this!  I just want to have fun this summer.  Barrett is at a fun age and I won't say easy but the easiest he's been in a while so we're trying to soak it in!

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