Monday, June 29, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 25

Week 25 is in the books!
Day 169:  I'm loving the new stuff we're doing at work.  I'm trying to get an etsy store open but I've been busy with other orders I haven't gotten to yet. Hopefully by the end of the summer it'll be up and running.  This is a glass cutting board we did as a gift.  I just love the watercolor background.

Day 170:  Lorie, Kristen and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2.  It was so funny.  We had a great time.  

Day 171:  We went to the Moore's to hang out by the pool.  The boys had a nice little cooler picnic.
Day 172:  We celebrated all the Dads for Father's Day.  Barrett was so excited to give Patrick the card he made at school.  It was so sweet watching him tell him about it.
Day 173:  We met the Kreiders and John and Hope for dinner at the Bright Star to celebrate Matt's birthday.  Barrett did pretty good.  He loves Uncle John.

Day 174:  During nap time I have to recharge with some caffeine.  I try to only have one coke a day and it's usually this time everyday.

Day 175:  This one has been refusing to nap and sleep at night.  It's miserable.  He will sometimes fall asleep on the couch.  Its more about timing than him outgrowing naps.  He still needs one but he needs to be up by 4:00 to ensure a descent bedtime.  Our schedule just doesn't really allow for it so during the week hes just getting a little car nap on the way home.

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