Friday, June 5, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 22

I can't seem to get these posts up in a timely manner.  Maybe one day I'll actually be organized instead of just making enough lists to think I am and then not following through with said lists.
Day 148:  Barrett was a victim of static electricity that our machine at work puts off.

Day 149:  Family Night Out.  We went to dinner and had the best time.  It's the little things.
Day 150:  We had book club at Jessica's out by the pool and it was a blast.  We spent a few hours just hanging out with the girls (and Jeremy but he made margaritas so we didn't care;) ).  Around 5 some of the husbands came and brought the kiddos and we had a blast just hanging out.  It was a simple day but so much fun!  I see a lot more Saturdays hanging out here.  (I'm sure Jessica and Jeremy will be sick of us by the end of the summer).
Day 151:  My butterfly bush is blooming!  It's pretty much the only thing that I haven't killed.

Day 152:  My boss got Barrett this awesome tent to have at the office.  Barrett will sit in there and watch Mickey Mouse.  I'm hoping that he will eventually take a nap it in but I'm not sure I'll be that lucky.  I really need him to start napping at the office in the afternoons so I can work longer.
Day 153:  We got Barrett this pool for his birthday back in December.  We've decided he's probably going to get a summer toy for his birthday because A.) They're on sale and very cheap. B.)  He gets so much at that one time of the year (first world problems)  it's nice to have something new to pull out at the start of summer that we didn't have to spend a fortune on.  (Is it me or are May and August the most expensive months of the year?) 
Day 154:  I was having a bit of a pity party because I felt like everyone I knew was on vacation.  So Jessica and I took the boys to the splash pad to play after work.  It was a complete zoo.  There were so many people there.   (I don't mind all the people, what I mind is the parents that bring the older kids and then just nap in a beach chair in the shade and don't watch them or make them behave.  I don't have a problem with bigger kids being there I just wish they would watch where they are running.)  After the splash pad we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner since our husbands were working and neither of us wanted to cook.
Week 22 was a good one.  We're loving Summer so far and looking forward to a lot more days in the sun!

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