Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas from the Horton Family!!!

I am so excited today as I write this.  I am blogging from my new laptop that my sweet husband got me for Christmas.  I have been wanting one for awhile.  My desktop was getting slow and outdated and we knew we wanted to upgrade soon so we've been kinda looking but not very seriously, or so I thought!  It is kind of a funny story because for weeks Patrick has been telling me that he knew what he wanted to get me but that I was going to have to go and pick it out so that he got the right one.  Well I've been talking about wanting a treadmill for months now so that is what I thought he was getting me.  So Monday night while we were out shopping he wanted to go into Best Buy so that I could select the one I wanted.  While we were walking in the store I was thinking to myself that I didn't know Best Buy had treadmills (Patrick didn't know thats what I thought he was getting me until later!).  So finally we walked in and he said lets go look at the laptops.  I was so excited.  I got an HP Pavillion d7 series.  I also got the HP Photosmart Plus wireless printer! I love it!  It has a huge 17" screen that is perfect for editing photos. 

Patrick opening his present. 

We decided to open our gifts today because tomorrow we are going to be on the go all day long and Patrick has to go back to work tonight so he's going to be very tired in the morning.  Plus we already knew what we got eachother so it was basicly torture waiting.  So here are a few photos of our Christmas Eve Morning. 
We got Ally a dog stocking with several toys! She was so excited!

Our tree with all the presents wrapped.  My present is under the blanket.  I told Patrick I wanted him to wrap it so I could open it.  He said there was no point in wrapping it since I knew what it was.  So he just put a blanket over it.

Tonight I'm going to my parents house for dinner then to Midnight 8:00PM Mass with my sister since Patrick will be at work.  After Mass we will come home and probably eat again.  Then in the morning we will go back to my parents form breakfast and open presents.  For lunch we are going to my grandmothers and then for dinner we will go to Patrick's parents house.  Patrick then has to go to work.  So it will be a very busy day!

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