Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom's Christmas Tree

I wanted to post a few photos of my mom's tree mainly because I think it is the most beautiful tree I've seen.  It is so full of memories.  As I've said before we all get a new ornament each year.  It is so special to me!  Mom puts all the ornaments that we made at school on her tree.  Each year we enjoy looking at the tree and reliving all the Christmas memories. 
We have the traditional "First Christmas" ornament with the picture.  Mom kept all of our ornaments that had pictures in them for her tree!(Yes that's me)
Mom got this one at an ornament swap she does every year with some girls she grew up with.  It is one of my favorites!
We also have the "leg lamp" from "A Christmas Story in ornament form and we also have an actual "leg lamp" that is proudly displayed in the front window!
A little Dr. Seuss adn Wizard of Oz!
This is the mantle without the stockings.  Mom doesn't like to put them up until Christmas Eve because they have a fire in the fire place almost every night and she doesn't want them to get messed up!
Finally, the little snow village.  We don't have very many pieces but it's just enough to fit on the table so it works!
Hope you enjoyed the decorations from my parents house.  It doesn't take long to realize where I got most of my decorating inspiration from!

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