Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

Today at Kelly's Korner is all about baby names.  I haven't participated in a while so I thought I'd join in this week. 
I have a lot of friends that are pregnant or already have kids (like all of them that are married!  and I was one of the first ones to get married!) So the topic of baby names comes up a lot.  I have always loved names and I feel that a name really shapes a person.  I also love the idea of carrying a legacy or honoring a loved one through a name.  I was the first granddaughter on my mothers side (after 7 boys) so I was named after my maternal grandmother Margaret Cathryn.  I hated the name Margaret growing up.  It always seemed so old fashion.  I have always been called Maggie (unless I was in trouble, which rarely happened!).  When I was in grade school no one was named Maggie I loved being one of two in the whole school. 
Now for the names Patrick and I have talked about.  (nothing set in stone).  I love alliteration names.  I was Maggie Maxwell growing up  and I loved it.  So I'd like to go with "H" names but I'm struggling because I love the family names.
For a girl I've always loved Anne Marie.  My mom and Patrick's mom both share Ann as a middle name and my best friend growing ups middle name was also Anne and my sister's middle name is Marie.  But notice it doesn't start with an "H".  This is where I struggle.  We could easily go with Hannah Marie which I also love.  I also like Hadley and Henley. We would use the middle name Marie with either of those.
For a boy I love the name Maxwell McCarty.  Maxwell is my maiden name and McCarty is Patrick's middle name (it's also his mothers maiden name).  Now if we chose to go with an "H" I like Houston, Hudson, Hunter, Holt, and we'd use either Maxwell or McCarty as a middle name. 
I don't love gender neutral names but I like Henley as a boy or a girls name. 
I just don't want my kids to one of 5 in their class.  I want them to feel like their name is unique and means something.  I always felt like I carried my name with pride because I was named in honor of my MiMi.  I always wanted her to be proud that I shared her name.  Now that she has passed away it means even more to me.


Brandi said...

I love all the names you have. My neice is name is Hannah and I love that name.

Elizabeth said...

#1. I was on Facebook and the girl who does La Photography just did a newborn named Hudson. It may be the new name on the streets. I still like it though as well as Hunter, Henley and Houston.

#2 Although I dont have a boyfriend, I will be angry if you use Maxwell especially as a middle name. Considering I was the only one dubbed Max in middle school and high-school, I think I should have special rights to the name.

I would rather not make this a race to have a boy. But if it comes down to it then I will pray everyday that you have all girls until I get married. Then the playing fields will be leveled.

I love you ALL THE TIME!

Anonymous said...