Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yes, this is a real phobia, and my own mother is a sufferer.  You may recall the Mother's Day photo shoot where it took about 40 shots to get this one decent one.

 Then last night at Mom's birthday celebration we went through this shoot...
Notice the poodle is making perfect eye contact with the camera...Mom eyes closed!

Again the poodle making great eye contact....Mom not so least she's got a great smile!
Mom has eyes...they are looking at the camera...and she is trying to smile!  Ally was over it.

Maybe you or someone you know suffers from TakeaPicturePhobia.  The only cure is more photos.  You have to be comfortable in from of the camera.  This is something that my mom struggles with.  You see as a mom of four she was always the one taking the photo in fact if were to see my childhood in photos you would think I was motherless.  So now that the tables have turned and she is the subject of the photo she struggles.  This mini shoot was actually therapy for a big shoot that mom had today.  The dreaded DMV photo shoot. Yes, the one that will be proudly posted on your drivers license for the next four years.  I've been told the shoot at the DMV did not go as we had all hoped it would go for mom.  I haven't seen the photographic evidence but the words my sister used to describe it were "Mug Shot".  That can't be good for any one's ID photo!
I am committed to helping my mother overcome her TakeaPicturePhobia.  I will keep you posted on her progress. 

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