Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Saturday

Patrick took a holiday yesterday to go and hear his buddies play.  It was so nice to actually get to go and hang out with people as a couple.  We rarely get to do that.  After they played we went to our friend Gab's house to grill and talk.  It was so much fun! 
My sweet husband watching the band!
The most awesome mullet I've ever seen.  The pictures do not do it justice! (and yes this is a woman)
The Southern Boys Band.
The biggest hot dogs I ever seen.

It was such a fun day to just hang out with friends and listen to some great music.  I love Patrick's friends but I feel bad hanging out with them when he can't.  I know that he wants me to have fun even when he has to work but it isn't the same when he isn't there.  His friends are awesome though they'll come and cook out with us on a Sunday or Monday just because they know that is the only time he can.  A lot of people wouldn't do that!
I gotta go get ready for church then hurry home and pack because my sister and I are headed to the Beach for a couple of days!!!  I'm so excited!

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