Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week has not been much better.  I've been in a bit of a funk.  I'm better now.  That's the affect Michael Jackson has on me I guess.  My sis and I watched This Is It last night.  I love MJ!  I've not done to much better this week.  I'm hoping after going to the beach this week for a few days I can relax and come home and get into a routine (yes I know I've been trying to start a routine since January!) I feel so good with the progress I've made I want to continue.  I want this to be my new normal.  I want to establish good eating habits and good exercise so that when we do have kids I'll already be in the habit and it will be easier to help them make good food choices.  I don't want to raise couch potatoes who will only eat chicken nuggets and fries, but since Patrick and I usually come home, sit on the couch and eat whatever is the easiest and fastest, I doubt our kids will be any different.  Which is why we have to make some changes in our lifestyles.  Plus last week when we had our annual health screening for our insurance Patrick's cholesterol was way to high and he's to young to already be dealing with this.

Down 2.4lbs from last week.   (It is a bit deceiving since I usually weigh int he afternoon and this was this morning!) 
Thanks for all your support and kind words They have really what has kept me going!

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Brittany said...

that is great!!!! I'm down 14 since my California trip. I'm now pre-moving to Dallas weight. Thank the Lord! But I still have a ways to go! My goal: to get into my cheerleading uniform! haha! When I do, we are taking pics of both of us wearing them and posting them on our blogs :)
**I think I remember you telling me you are smaller now though then when you were in high school....