Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ally's Birthday Party at Daycare

First of all, yes I do realize Ally is a dog.  And yes I do realize that she has no idea it is her birthday, much less does she care. It's fun for me and until I have actual babies Ally is my baby.   Ally's birthday is Sunday and she'll be two!  Last year since it was her first birthday we had an actual party (like I sent invitations and everything, I know I'm crazy!)  you can read about it here.  This year was a bit more low key.  It was just the dogs from daycare and I just took some people cupcake brownies and some dog cupcakes.  Ally did get a new dress from her daddy and me.  She wasn't thrilled to wear it but she sure did look cute. 
The doggie cupcakes!  They loved them!
Sophie came ( you can tell she was thrilled!)
Lucy, Ally and Chloe playing in the backyard!
Isabella was there too.
Sweet baby Ana was there and gave Isabella a big ole wet kiss.
Ally's sweet new dress.  I love the flower!
Chloe was pooped.  She slept the entire afternoon!
It was a great start to Ally's birthday weekend.  I can't wait for the rest of it.  I love the weekends I'm so looking forward to sleeping late in the morning. 

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