Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Sweet Baby

Last night Patrick and I took dinner to our friends, Jimmy and Britni, that just had a baby.  ( I tell you I think there's something in the water here!)  Braylon James was born Thursday and is possibly the tiniest baby I've ever seen.  He was so sweet and cute!
He weighs somewhere around 6lbs and I'm pretty sure he's carrying 4lbs of it in those cheeks.  He is so precious!

I felt like such a grown up taking dinner to friends that just had a baby.  I've had several friends that have had babies but this is the first time I've taken dinner to someone.  I know it's silly but I just felt so grown up. 

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Melissa said...

There definitely IS something in the water! I drank a ton of it, and it worked for me. :o)