Saturday, September 25, 2010

It ain't over till it's over...

I don't love watching games at home.  I get so nervous and feel so helpless.
First of all I would like to take back what I said about Arkansas not being that good blah, blah, blah.  They are apparently every bit as good as they think (well not every bit because they didn't actually win).  They played one heck of a ball game.  We didn't play our best.  It seemed to take a while to get into a groove and I'm not sure McElroy ever got into his.  So the offense readjusted and did what it had to do.  Thank you Mark Ingram.
I started the day pretty early, okay not that early.  I went to the grocery store to get a few essentials for the day.  I came home and started cooking.  I made pigs in a blanket, hogs in a blanket, cookies, and cheese dip.  My parents came by with Drew and Ava after soccer so they could see our den.  (They hadn't seen it since we stained the floor.)  They ate a bite and we watched the first half of Tennessee and UAB.  I really thought UAB was going to win it.  But they didn't.  Then it was game time.  I already said this but I was nervous all week long so today was no different.  When Arkansas scored on the second play I wanted to puke.  Then we couldn't do anything on offense.  I was scared to death.  Before I knew it the teams were headed to the locker rooms for half time.  I told Patrick that I was relieved that half was over and was ready to come back out a new team.  That's when he kindly asked me if I'd seen the stat they just showed.  I hadn't.  2-5 was Saban's record when he was losing at halftime.  Great.  I don't remember much of the second half since I had my head under a blanket hiding.  I know we kicked a field goal then scored a touchdown to go ahead 24-20 and Arkansas still had a few minutes and luckily for us Mallett threw an interception. 
Now I'm already nervous for Florida.  It's going to be a tough month of October for the Tide if we can just get through the next four weeks and have a week off. 

Our little tailgate table in the den.  I was so excited it was so cute.

Pigs in a blanket

Hogs in a blanket. 

Roll Tide Roll!

Ally is pooped too.  I don't think she really likes football.

Can I just go ahead and say that I dont' like watching games on CBS with Verne and the other guy commentating. I know their job is to talk and keep us informed but haven't they ever heard the saying "Silence is Golden". The first half they were talking about Ryan Mallett's feet and how bad his footwork was when he threw. In the third quarter they were saying his footwork was wonderful and said he was better than Drew Brees. Well I don't think his footwork could have improved that much at half time.

With all that being said I am proud of the Tide for not giving up and bringing home the win. It wasn't pretty that's for sure but it was a win. I think we can learn a lot from this game and hopefully regroup this week and be ready for Florida, really ready!

Roll Tide Roll!
Alabama 24- Arkansas 20

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a game! Whew! And Verne was so getting on my nerves. : ) Roll Tide!