Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Horror

It's  around 8:27 and the phone rings...
Me: Hello
Mom: Hey, Did you get those tickets (Alabama Season Tickets) off the table?
Me: Um No... I was looking for them while yall were at the beach.  I just assumed you put them somewhere safe so they wouldn't get lost.
Mom:  I thought I put them with your dad's stuff. 
Me: {panic} I knew I should have brought them home with me.
Mom: {panic and terror} Well I've throw away a lot of s*** in the past two weeks.  I bet I threw them away.
Me:{anger, nearly tears} Why would you throw away a huge FedEx envelope?  How would you not know what that was?
Mom: {anger} I don't know Maggie! I'm just crazy I guess.  I know I put them in you dad's stuff. (When she says "Dad's Stuff" she means an enormous pile of papers and crap. This pile sits on a dresser where he comes in and unloads in the afternoons.  This is not a safe place for important stuff.)
Me: Well I guess I won't be going to the games.
Mom: {hope} Let me look around some more I'll call you later. Love you, bye!
Me: Love you, bye.
End call. 8:34

8:42 Phone rings.
Me: Hello
Mom: {excitement} Found them...they were in you dads stuff.  I told him that's where I put them.
Me:{nearly happy tears} Thank Goodness.  Cause I was going to be very, very upset with you.  I had lost all confidence in you to keep up with anything important.

Crisis Averted! 


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