Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's another Bama Win

Alabama 62 - Duke 13
That, my friends, is what you would call a good old fashioned ass whoppin'!  We didn't expect Duke to put up much of a fight, and we were right.  Both Ingram and Dareus were back and you could tell they were ready to play ball.  Ingram had over 100 yards on 9 carries.  His first carry was 48 yards and he had another for over 50 yards.  He's back and better than ever!  Dareus had a good sack and several key tackles.  Now I will say I am nervous as ever for Arkansas next week.  Our defense still needs some work.  While Duke only scored 13 points, they made a lot of mistakes that I don't think Arkansas will make so we've got to be ready and get tough on defense.   

Ally has been watching football with us all day long!  I think she is mad at me though.  She has stayed glued to Patrick's side all day.  She is just now sitting by me since he is gone to work!

We started the day actually cheering for some Blue Devils.  Patrick's nephew plays for the Morris Blue Devils so we put on blue and headed to the park at 10:30 this morning.  (Can I just say I own no blue clothing.  I had to search for anything blue.  I finally found a blue tshirt from rush that I wore.  It was honestly the only thing blue I could find)  I love football. Even little league.  They are so cute and it's so fun to watch them get so excited.  Tripp plays tight end and he caught 2 passes for 2 point conversions and I think he caught one touchdown pass.  We were so proud of him!  They ended up winning 28-16 I think.

Someone called his name from the sidelines (it really wasn't me) and he waved at me!  I guess he saw the camera!
Blocking his man!

Patrick and Tripp after the game!

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