Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bowling Birthday

Sunday the Horton family gathered at Lighting Strikes bowling alley for Kathryn's 5th birthday!  I hadn't bowled in a while but was so excited.  When I was at Bama a bunch of us from work would go about once a week.  I was never any good but always had fun.  (Like I was so bad that one time I fell and got a foul for and the guy in the lane next to me.  He was mad.  I was embarrassed.)  My first frame I bowled a strike.  I was so excited but I quickly told everyone it was beginners luck.  Second frame, strike again.  I tried to act cool but I really wanted to jump up and down like a little kid.  Third frame, another strike!  Fourth and fifth frames, both spares.  Then Patrick's brother-in-law tells me that I haven't left a pin up yet. The last five frames weren't as impressive as the first five but were still a personal best. 
The birthday girl!
My score was 158...I know this doesn't technically prove anything since you can't see my name...just know that I wouldn't lie about my bowling score!  In case you were wondering (which I'm almost positive you weren't) Patrick's score was 71!

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