Friday, September 24, 2010

BootCamp Round 4

Last night we finished up the fitness tests to start round 4 of Bootcamp.  It was tough and I didn't improve like I hoped!  Here are the Stats:
  • Push-ups- 36 (-8 from rd3)
  • Crunches- 80 (+8)
  • Shuttle Run- 10.7 seconds (down 0.3)
  • Recovering Heart Rate- 121bpm
  • Resting HR- 59bpm
  • Beep Test- 55 (-7)
  • One Mile Run- 10:03 (Best yet! I don't know by how much)

I have really got to buckle down and start running everyday not just at bootcamp to build my endurance.  I struggle pushing myself beyond where I think I can go.

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