Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bama 24- Penn State 3

Hottest. Game. Ever.
I've never been so hot in my life, and the humidity oh my goodness...I've never been so sweaty from just standing.  It was about 90° when we arrived in Tuscaloosa at 11:00.  We set up the grill and chairs in the front yard under the trees.  There was just an historic feel to the whole day to me.  I wasn't alive when the bear was around but Saturday is how I imagine gamedays felt when he was around.  We sat outside until the rain came.  It was around 3:00 when the bottom fell out.  Luckily it quit before game time.  I missed seeing Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden, and Coach Saban on the field pre-game.  I was kinda bummed but I did get to see Joe Pa leave the field at halftime and the entire stadium erupted in applause for him.  He is very respected in the world of college football and it was really good to see!  We played a great game.  I love those games where you can just relax and cheer and not have to be so nervous.   
Gameday yard sign...week 2!  I love the classic look.
Our little family! 
Me, Daddy, & Bullet after the win.  (Seven hours of tailgating in the heat, humidity and rain is my excuse for my hair!)
Clay, me and Matt.
Bullet is so excited!
Roll Tide!

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