Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day in History

These are just a couple of the images from the day. 
"As of now, the last miner slated to emerge is Luis Urzua, a 54-year-old shift foreman who's been credited with keeping the men sane in those first harrowing days after 700,000 tons of rock collapsed their copper mine on Aug. 5. They made 48 hours' worth of food rations last 17 long days, when they had no contact with the outside world and had no idea about efforts to reach them. Rescuers finally managed to bore a narrow hole down into their chamber, and funnel down more food and supplies.

For nearly two months that tube became the miners' lifeline, through which they received supplies and sent up love letters to their wives and girlfriends. A video link was even set up to allow them to watch live soccer matches.
The 33 Chilean miners are believed to have survived longer underground than anyone ever before."
 I wanted to have a record of world events in my blog book.  This had been an amazing day.  Just when you start to wonder if there's any good left in the world, you start to follow this story and it has been unbelievable to watch!

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