Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gameday Week 7

Another week, another SEC game, another opponent with an off week before they play us.  I know I might be whining just a little but you have to be crazy if you think that off week didn't help South Carolina last week.  I'm not making excuses.  They did everything they had to do to win and we, well, we couldn't catch a break. (Can you tell I'm still not completely over that loss)
I'm so excited two of my friends from RHM are going to be tailgating on the quad.  One of them just had a sweet baby boy and one just got engaged.  I haven't seen them since I got married and I can't wait!  I feel so old and mature meeting old classmates on the quad.  Plus my old roommate Kristen is going down with us.  She isn't a football fan at all but she's going to tailgate and visit so I'm excited to spend the say with her too.
It's Homecoming at the Capstone... (I don't think I mentioned that!)  We thought about trying to make it down in time for the parade but it sucked so bad last year that I think we are going to leave a little later and miss it and hopefully the traffic.  Kick off isn't until 8:10pm.
It's also Matthew's 7th birthday.  We are having cake to celebrate.  He's so excited too!
Roll Tide Roll! 

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