Sunday, October 3, 2010

Later Gators

Can I just say Saturday may have been one of the most perfect days of football ever. They were right the weather was beautiful! And the ballgame was great too.   We had a perfect gator tailgate.  Gator Gumbo, Gator bites, Gator sausage biscuits, "Gator" sticks & "Swamp sauce" (fish sticks and tarter sauce), shrimp, crab cakes and of course vict'ry chicken.  It was all so good! 
The kitchen table (this wasn't even all the food).  We have another table in the dining room where we put all the dips and desserts.  We had spinach & artichoke dip, crab dip, crab & artichoke dip, tuna dip and some others.
Bullet and his foam fingers. 

We saw this sign on our walk to the quad...they were parking cars but you can imagine the jokes. Ha!

 The foam fingers at the game.  I loved seeing the giant foam fingers doing the gator chomp!
 Sister and me at The Houndstooth after the game.
Sister, me and Amy at The Houndstooth.
After we went to the strip we came back and all shared the left over banana pudding.
 Best gameday thus far! 
Alabama 31- Florida 6
I am so excited and looking forward to our road trip this weekend to Columbia!  It's going to be a tough road game.  South Carolina had the week off to rest so they're going to be ready to play ball!