Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've never had to blog a loss.  I'm not even sure where to start. 

We did have a wonderful trip (minus the loss).  We left Birmingham Friday around 4:30 headed east to South Carolina.  I was so excited! 
(Me, Amy, Matt (our fake brother), and Elizabeth right before we hit the road)

We made great time and stopped it Augusta to have dinner around 10:00.  We stopped at Arby's I was backing into a parking place so I could eat before we started driving again and I backed into a pole.  Luckily there was no real damage.  But I hit it hard and was scared to go check it out.  We arrive at our host home around 11:30 and almost everyone was asleep.  We stayed up late watching the Braves with Bullet.  I went to sleep when it went into extra innings.  One, because I was really tired and Two because I just don't really care that much about baseball. 
We got up early Saturday to get the party started.  We had a wonderful breakfast and started gathering everything for the tailgate.  We were on the road to the "Excellent Tailgate Spot" by 10:30.  The tailgate spot was excellent.  We had barbeque sandwiches, all kinds of dips and margaritas before the game. 
   Elizabeth, Bullet, Me, and Matthew before we left the house.

The Bama fans before we left the house.

Sisters at the tailgate spot.
Me and Amy tailgating.
Me and sister.
The great tailgate table set up by our wonderful hosts for the weekend. 
The "Excellent Tailgate Spot" is really neat.  It is basically a huge shed with about 100 parking spaces.  The have restrooms and power and cable setups.  They had probably 10 40-50 inch plasma TVs hanging all around showing all different games.  There were closets where you could store stuff so you didn't have to haul it all season.  They even had a shelf over the urinals in the men's restroom to hold your beer! (That's what the boys said anyways).
We left the tailgate a little early to stop by "The Loose Cockaboose" for a beer. They advertised the "Coldest beer in town". It wasn't cold at all! Then we headed to the game.

Outside the stadium.

Our seats were pretty awesome.  2nd row again.  It was a lot lower though so we couldn't really see over the players.

 I was still happy at this point.  It must have been early.

Not a happy camper. 
I'm pretty sure Dareus was looking right at me.

 Oysters after the game.

Right before we headed back to the house.
I am so sad that we lost but we had a great trip.   And Florida won a National Championship with one loss.  I had so much fun.  I have laughed so much it hurts.  I can't wait till our away games next year. I really want to go to Penn State and Florida.  We'll see!
Alabama 21- South Carolina 35

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