Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas at the Falls

Saturday night we wanted to venture out for a little family fun.  Alabama was playing for the SEC Championship and I felt like a traitor not watching the game but there are only 3 weekends before Christmas and we already have plans for the next two weekends so I knew Saturday night was our only free night for some family fun (mainly because Patrick is on second shift).  We went back and forth about what we wanted to do and finally decided on Christmas at the Falls at Nocculula Falls in Gasden.  It was a little over an hours drive for us but I think it was worth it.  I loved that it was $5 for a ticket in and that included everything except cookies and hot chocolate.  
Before we left Patrick asked me if he would need a jacket.  I told him no.  I was wrong.  It was cold.
I love that Barrett is waving in this picture.  The falls are behind us, you can't see them though.
I just love Christmas lights.  There is something so magical about a million twinkling lights.  You can't help but smile while you're walking through them.  
I love these boys.
The covered bridge was playing music and the lights danced to the music.  I loved watching the lights reflect on the pond. 
I love flamingos!

Every time we walked by one of these things Barrett would say "WOW",  It was the cutest thing ever and made the long trip worth it! 
The best picture I got of the Falls.  
Pointing at the water. 
Loved the nativity. They were playing the Christmas story and you could sit and watch the lights go along with the story.

They also had a petting zoo and you could visit with Santa.  We didn't wait in line to see Santa but Barrett loved the petting zoo. 
The last thing we did was ride the train.  It was the perfect ending to the night.   I enjoyed getting to spend time with my little family.  I've always loved Christmas lights, but getting to experience them through your kids is so special too.  

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