Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up around 8:00 to see what Santa brought.  Barrett doesn't understand Santa yet but he was very excited to see new toys in the living room.  We are still learning how to handle our Christmas baby's birthday.  I want it to be special but still Christmas.  It isn't to bad now but I know when we have other kids it might become more tricky.
Some one must have been a good boy this year. 

Ally must have been good too. 
I love this picture of Barrett and Patrick playing on his new tablet.  So sweet.

He loved all the cars.

Our 7th picture in front of the tree.  I love this so much.  Barrett's bed head makes the picture. 

After we opened a few gifts we got ready to head to my parents house for brunch. 
Barrett enjoyed his meal by the tree.

Ally really wanted a bite.

My sister and Clay had to get a picture with Barrett and Ally since they matched.  Barrett looks thrilled. Ally looks equally thrilled.  I just love this picture. 
Our little family.
One of my favorite gifts was this cookbook that my parents put together for us.  It has recipes and pictures and they wrote little things about some of them.  It was really special and I love it.
I managed to avoid my Christmas day ugly cry this year.  John and Hope got Barrett the movie "The Land Before Time".  We watched it a lot as kids.  It surprises me that John remembers these little things from our childhood.  My eyes immediately filled with tears when I opened it. I had to quickly move on before I started crying.  I can't wait to sit down and watch it with Barrett.
I don't know who took this picture but I think it's funny.

After we opened Christmas presents. We had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday right around the time Barrett was born.  
As you can see, he was thrilled.

I can't believe he's two.  After cupcakes he opened birthday presents.  Before long we had to start packing up so we could come home and let Barrett nap.  
While Barrett napped I enjoyed a movie and mimosa. 
I also took this because I really liked my hair and outfit.  I love the blanket scarfs so much that I got this one to.  Its green and navy and I love it.  I thought it was festive.
After naps we headed to the Horton's for dinner.  
I only took two pictures. As usual.

We had a beautiful meal and nice evening celebrating with them.  I'm always sad when Christmas is over.  It's so much preparation and anticipation and it's over in a flash.  We'll leave our tree and decorations up a couple more weeks.  This year I had been in the worst mood all month it felt like.  I didn't want to shop, I snapped when people asked me what I wanted.  I threatened to stay home and not celebrate with anyone.  I complained about buying gifts for people.  I was just overall a rotten person.  I hate that I spent so many days grumpy and worried about petty things.  I hope I never lose sight of the reason for the season.  Even at Mass Christmas Eve, Barrett was so bad and that put Patrick and me in a bad mood and I was just thinking "why did we even bother".  I read a church sign today that said "How would you feel if everyone celebrated your birthday without you." I like that.  Even when guests cant behave at your parties, you're still glad they made the effort to come.   I'm happy to say that I snapped out of my funk eventually.  I really enjoyed spending the time with family and friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful day too.

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Erika said...

Hi Maggie,
I am a friend of Melanie K.'s that now lives in HSV. I love reading your blog and seeing pics of Barrett!!
Don't worry about your Christmas funk; it happens to all of us! And honestly, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one this year :)
Wishing you and your family a most blessed 2015!