Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving, Kickball, Girl's Night and the Iron Bowl

I hate lumping the whole weekend in one post but I'm afraid i'll never get it all posted if I don't! :)
We had a crazy busy, exhaustingly fun long weekend.  
Barrett spent a little time on the ipad before we got the day started.  He looks so big.
For Thanksgiving lunch we went to my Grandmother's house.  They boys worked on building a new deck.  Porter was prepared with his took box and safety glasses.

This is the only picture I took of Barrett all day.  After lunch we picked up Patrick and went to the Horton's for dinner.  As usual I took zero pictures.

On Friday my big brother planned a family kickball game.  It did not disappoint.  Mom and Dad were team captains.  Mom chose both of my brothers and my sister and my dad chose me.  Dad's team dominated the first game.  
I haven't laughed that much in a long time.  It was so much fun!  My little brother set up his GoPro camera and we loved watching the footage.

During the second game I had a couple of memory lapses and made a fool of myself but I survived.

I just love that the whole family played (except my Patrick, he had to work.).  My parents played and ever Barrett toddled around the outfield and kicked the ball a few times.  It was so much fun.  I hope we get to do it again while everyone is around for Christmas.

Friday night Brittany and I hosted a little girls night paint party.  I invited all my "boy mom" friends.  All of our boys are right around the same age.  We painted doorhangers and I thought they turned out so cute.
We had a fun night laughing and painting.

Saturday was the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa.  I was so excited.  Jennifer and I planned on watching the game and my cousin's house but I ended up getting a ticket and we found Jennifer one too so we both got to go.  I loved the night games when i was in school.  Now that I have to travel to the games I don't enjoy them as much.  It makes for such a late night.
We ventured to the quad to see what was going on.
Meanwhile back home Patrick was trying to corrupt my son.  I can't get over how big he looks here.
Last week at Lowe's BB bought him this flashlight.  He's been using it as a headlight on this push toy.  He cracks me up.
Ms. Linda picked up this book and I love it.  It is so cute and so sweet

I got to sit with my sister.  The other girl was an Auburn fan we made friends with.  She reminded up so much of our sister-in-law Hope that we had to take her picture.

Then I went to find my other friends.  I'm pretty sure Matt wonders why he's friends with me.  I like to think it's because I'm fun, I think it's because he feels sorry for me.
It was a long night.  I was crawling in the bed as Patrick's alarm clock was going off.  I've never felt as old as I did Sunday.
Monday I finally got the ornaments on the tree and our halls are officially decked!
'Tis the season!

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