Monday, December 1, 2014

December Goals

I did okay on my November goals.  
1) Finish Christmas Shopping.  I didn't even come close to finishing.  Oh well, it'll get done.  I'm not sweating it.  2)  Plan Barrett's birthday playdate.  I've got everything planned.  It's going to be super low key and relaxed.  I'm excited about it!  3) Have Family Pictures made.  We did this and I'm so in love with how they turned out!  As soon as I get our Christmas cards ordered and in the mail I'll share them with you.  They are beautiful!  4) Order Christmas Cards.  I haven't done this yet.  I've designed them, just have to order them!  5) Decorate for Christmas & 6) Make Advent Calendar, I'm combining these because I finished them both tonight.  I finally decorated our tree and added the cards to the advent calendar.  We are ready for the season!

I didn't write out my December goals because I just want to enjoy the season.  I really want to soak it up.  Barrett is really noticing everything this year and it makes me so excited. I have a few things that I want to do, Go see Santa, buy a gift for the angel tree at our church, drive around and look at lights are just a few of them.  I know the years of having small kids is only a short season and I want to soak up every single moment.  

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