Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bon Voyage...

Saturday night my friend Kellie and I hosted a going away party for the people that were the directors of our youth group at church when we were in high school.  It was an amazing night.  We invited all the kids that were a part of the youth group while they were in charge.  Almost everyone was there. We had about 60 people total. It was a real testament to the impact Diane and Paul had on all of us.  They shaped me into the adult I am today.  I am very unsure how my teenage years would have turned out without their guidance.  We had a very special group of kids and adults.  Us kids have always credited the adults because they were always so caring and honest and really took a special interest in each of us.  Last night I can't tell you how many adults told me that they had very little to do with it that we were a very special group of kids.  That's always nice to hear.  We had a pretty small church (maybe 200 families) about 10 years ago when I got involved in the youth.  We had one big group from 5-6 graders all the way through college aged kids.  And it all worked.  The older kids were there for the younger ones and really tried to be good mentors.  Church was our "safe place".  We could go to church on Sunday nights and play volleyball for hours.  Our parents didn't have to worry about us cause we were safe but we were still not with them and we could just hang out.  During the summer we would go canoeing once a week.  The older kids would help the younger ones with thier canoes and climbing the tree for the rope swing.  We all just got along.  Those were some of the best years of my life.  It's times I'll never forget.  So for Diane and PK to be leaving us and moving 10 hours away was very sad to me.  They gave up doing the youth several years ago to spend more time with their growing family but they have still been a part of our church and our lives.  I hope that my children have someone in thier lives that are as honest and caring and that take as much interest in their well-being as Diane and PK have in my life. 
Anyways enough rambling let me get to the pictures.
The table we had a fiesta theme.  I loved it!
This is Kellie we were best friends growing up and she co-hosted with me.  We were pretty much inseperable when we were kids and now we are grow-ups.
My sister and me.  Do yall think we could be twins?  We get asked all the time if we are!
My little brother and one of his best friends Jeremy and Ally.
This is the group shot of all the kids that were a part of the youth and some spouses and some babies too.  Such a special memory!
This is Diane.  I love her.
Me and my niece Ava and Kellie with her little sister Abby.  Ava and Abby are getting to be good friends and as they ran around the house together it was like watching me and Kellie when we were kids! So fun!
Very special group of girls.  My best friends growing up wouldn't have made it through without them.

It was such an awesome night.  Full of memories and laughter and maybe a few tears.  We all signed a frame for them to take to their new house.  It was really sweet. 
Thank you to everyone who came and helped. It was a blast.

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