Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day...

I wanted to add more pictures from our snow adventures.  We had so so so much fun!  I felt like a kid again!  We started the day sledding down the small hill at my parents house.  We have an old truck bedliner that works really well.  The only problem is it is really heavy.  Usually the boys are there to help us but this time they weren't.  We only did it one or two times because it was so heavy.  We then just resorted to sliding on trash bags!  You go so fast but man does it hurt!
My Mommy & Daddy!
Sunset at The Horton House
After the Mardi Gras party at church we decided to stop by the new Gardendale High School and have a snowball fight in the courtyard.  Well that somehow turned into going sledding at the stadium.   There is a huge hill at the stadium so we went home and changed into our "snow suits" and headed back to the school.  It was so much fun!
Elizabeth making snow angels.  This became her "Snow Signature"!
Me in the courtyard at the new school. 
Me and Sister
She was brave enough to go first!
Me and Ally at the top of the hill.  The new school in the background!
Ally loves sledding.  Please try to notice how high and steep this hill is!
Sister and Amy!
Snow angel on the field!
Such a fun night! thanks girls!

Elizabeth and Amy got up Saturday morning to run a 5K.  Ally and I slept in!
That's all the snow pictures for now!  More on Mardi Gras to come!

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Brittany said...

I can definitely tell you've lost weight!!!! My goal is 7lbs in the next two weeks before I go to LA.

I hope I have the self control to do it. But I'm taking Sis to Outback tonight.... it's our Valentine's day dinner. We couldn't go last night.