Saturday, February 13, 2010

It actually happened...

Snow!  We actually have snow! I had to work until 2:30 then I headed over to my parents house where my sister and Amy were waiting to play in the snow.  We had a blast.  They didn't have any clothes to play in so we raided the old cheerleading stash.  they wore trash bags over their clothes.  I on the other hand found an old wind suit from jr. high.  I tried it on and it actually fit.  I was so surprised.  So that is what I wore! 
Here are a few of my favorites...more to come!

The driveway at work!
Mom & Dad's house
In our snow day gear!  Gotta love the trash bags!  We were also sporting our #1 gloves (only the pointer finger is white).  I'm so glad we saved all that old cheer crap!

More pictures to come tomorrow! Sledding adventures in two different locations plus the Mardi Gras party at church.

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