Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

This was the toughest week yet. I had a party Saturday night and the Super Bowl Sunday.  I did really bad.  I ate and drank everything that I wanted.  Friday I had McDonalds, it was so good.  Saturday I had quesadillas, queso, taco dip, margaritas, cake balls, you name it I probably ate it.  Sunday we had leftovers and then I enjoyed more dip during the game.  I drank full calorie sodas.  I'm so embarassed, okay not really.
As you can see the scale was not so forgiving.  Here is where it starts getting complicated.  At my WW meeting I was down 2.2lbs.  (but I was actually up 1.1lbs from last week on my scale at home) Which now that I look at it they weighed me in at 153.4  so I guess we are all on the same page now.  Which brings my Weight Watchers total loss to 7.8lbs for 3 weeks.  I'm still pretty pumped.  I haven't walked at all this week.  I'm not going to run the 5K on Saturday with my sister (she has other people that she's going to do it with).    It is so hard for me to go to the store buy good foods and cook.  I hate to cook.  It is also for me to get out in this cold.  I have a friend that is training for a half marathon and she has been running in the freezing weather even in the snow.  I should be motivated but I just can seem to do it.  I really think I'm going to get a treadmill so I can run inside because I really did enjoy running when I used to do it every day.  It was my "me time" in the morning.  This was a hard week but I'm happy it is behind me.  I'm just going to look forward and make better food choices this week.  I would really like to reach my 5% goal of 8lbs by next week only 0.2lbs to go.  Surely I can do it. 

That's all for this week.  Thank you for your continued encouragement you don't know how much it means to me for you to take the time to leave me such kind words. I appreciate it so much!

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Becca's Dirt said...

Don't beat yourself up too bad. Afterall you are making some life changes in the way you eat. Just do your best and remember your best is not the same everyday.