Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday Kelly over at Kelly's Korner wrote a post on the Simple Pleasures in life.  I really feel that it is the simple things that make life great!  So here are a few of mine...

Crazy Core Skittles
I love the huge smile my nieces and nephews have when they see me it's like they haven't seen me in months!

Skype (getting to see and talk to my sister and brother while their at school!

Curling up on the couch with sweet Ally
I also love to see how much my husband loves this little dog!

New Mascara or shampoo and conditioner.  I love the fresh feeling you get when you use them for the first time.  Clean sheets warm out of the dryer  I love the smell of dew on the grass in the fall.  It always reminds me of waiting at the bus stop.
I aslo love the first cold of the winter when you get to wear coats and scarfs that have been packed away for months.Christmas Lights (whether it's Christmas time or not!)

When my dad cooks my favorites for lunch on Sunday and I didn't even ask him too!  I love to see the sunrise at the lake.  I hate getting up that early but it is so pretty it's worth it.  Then I love to take a long afternoon nap while listening to the boats go by!

These are just a few of my simple pleasures.  I also love when I wake up dreading all the chores especially unloading the dishwasher and my husband has already done it. (Doesn't happen often but boy to I appreciate it when it does!)

You can link up over at Kelly's Korner and share your simple pleasures!

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Becca's Dirt said...

Nice post. The simplest things sometimes are the best. I LOVE skittles.