Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Memories from the National Championship Season

In no particular order...
  1. Taking my niece Ava to the Arkansas game in the rain and teaching her all the cheers and hearing her yell Roll Tide.
  2. Covering my eyes as Tennessee kicked what could have been the game winning field goal and having my cousin tell me it was blocked.  Then singing Rammer Jammer!
  3. Watching Mark Ingram win Alabama's 1st Heisman Trophy.
  4. Sitting on the 3rd row in Commonwealth Stadium at the Kentucky game.  (Thanks Sis!)
  5. The 3 hour car ride from Nashville to Lexington, listening to my cousins Bullet and Chris discuss every down of Alabama football that had been played in their lifetime.
  6. Taligating in the car before the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.
  7. Finding our group in the GA Dome after we beat Florida. Seeing Tim Tebow cry on TV!
  8. Listening to Rammer Jammer through the phone when my sister called me from Pasadena after we beat Texas. 
  9. Our tailgate crew every week. 
  10. Standing in line at WalMart with my sister, Amy and Babo to get our picture made with the National Championship trophy. 
  11. Hearing the Million Dollar Band play "We Are the Champions" at the National Championship Celebration.
  12. Getting to sit with my daddy at Bryant Denny Stadium for most of the games.
  13. Beating Auburn again!!!
Roll Tide!  It was truly something special to be an Alabama fan this season.  It's one I'll never forget!

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Brandi said...

Great list! Roll Tide!