Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

The card I made!  Not my best work!

Valentines day has always seemed silly to me.  (Maybe that is because I rarely had a valentine)  Of the two years I had a "valentine", the first one dumped me like a week or two later we'd been dating for a few months.  As for the second one we spent the day at the funeral home because one of the girls I cheered with was killed in a car accident.  So hgh school valentines sucked!  Then I started dating Patrick and he always made a point to make Valentines day special when I was at school.  He would come down and cook dinner.  It was always so fun.  Now wejust get eachother little gifts and hang out together. Growing up my parents always made us a goody bag (brown paper sack) of all or favorite snacks.  It was always so fun.  So I used that inspiration for Patricks gift this year.  Money is a little tight and we're going for a long weekend Thursday so we're saving for that!  I simply made Patrick a little bucket with all his favorites and a movie that he loves on Blu-Ray.  It was simple but I think he's going to love it!  I also love to make my cards so that is exactly what I did.   I even made him a card from Ally!

He asked me to buy some laundry detergent so I hid his gift behind it and put the card on top!
His basket of goodies!
Happy Valentines Day!  I hope your day is filled with the ones you love!

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