Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Weather Warning

We're in the very tip of the pink!

I've got my milk and bread.  I've got a couple pieces of firewood.  I've got hot chocolate.  I'm ready for the snow.  We're predicted to get 2"-4" tomorrow.  *Now one station says we'll get a light dusting- 2".  We'll see.  The high is 34 degrees.  It's going to be miserable.  I have never been more ready for summer in my life.  It pretty much never happens the way it's supposed to.  I hope it doesn't get bad.  The Mardi Gras Party is tomorrow night at church and i'd really like to be able to get there plus I want my sister to be able to make it from Tuscaloosa. 

It's going to be colder than I'd like for it to be fo rthe next week (not the coldest we've had though)!  At least there's some sunshine!

Check back tomorrow for our accumulation totals!
Until then...Stay Warm!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Me too! As in me too, please warm weather come soon! I am tired of you winter weather.