Wednesday, June 17, 2009

98 degrees and climbing!

Seriously... 98 degrees and it's only June... it's going to be a long summer. Yesterday I was going to put our big dogs outside, I opened the door and they looked at me as if I had just opened the door to hell! Needless to say neither of them stayed outside yesterday or today! They've enjoyed staying in the cool basement. We have been throwing around the idea of getting them one of those plastic baby pools but aren't sure if they'll enjoy it or not!

Harper's birthday was a blast Friday night. A storm blew through and knocked the power out but all in all it was pretty good! She loved the cake but wasn't so sure about everyone singing to her. I think Porter loved the cupcakes the most!

After the party Ava and Drew wanted to come spend the night at my house. So Drew, Ava, Elizabeth, and I went back to my house. Drew went straight to sleep but Ava and Elizabeth stayed up for a little while. It rained the entire time they were there. Saturday they woke up before I did and when Ally and I woke up she went straight to the guest room looking for them. They had to call her into the living room because she thought they were somewhere in that bedroom. It was really cute! I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

Then Ally got a bath! While they watched Superman! Ally hates a bath she tries to hide behind the toilet.

After Ally's bath we watched Night at the Museum. I love that movie and can't wait to see the new one!

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