Thursday, June 25, 2009

Office Furniture

We have finally broken down and bought a new desk, bookcase and desk chair for our office. We were using a desk the previous owners left for us, and it didn't leave a lot of room to pay bills and wasn't easy to keep organized. So Monday we ordered the furniture and yesterday when I got home from work the desk was waiting on me. Assembly required of course but it was already here. I was so excited. Then while I was cooking dinner Patrick came in the kitchen and told me there was someone at the door. I told him to answer it. So he goes to peak out the window to see if it was someone selling something one of the neighborhood kids wanting to play with Ally...well it was the desk chair. So he immediately started putting it together. When I woke this morning he was assembling the desk. Secretly I was sad I wasn't going to be there to help him actually put it in the office. I am also nervous about what all he is going to try to organize!

I can't wait to show the finished product! I am so excited!

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