Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gather 'Round the Watercooler

I am beginning to not like Jillian as much! She is so sweet and cute but I think she over analyzes most everyone except the one guy who is truly there for himself only.
Hopefully she will see this but she is running out of time. I wonder if she'll meet Wes's girlfriend next week on the hometown date!Wes you are a creep and I hope you never sell a single album. Plus your one song you've sung stinks! (Thank goodness we haven't had to hear it in a couple weeks)
Jake just cut your losses!!! I personally think she is scared that her life might actually be "perfect" with you!
My new favorites (since Jake is no more) are Reid, Jesse, and Kyptin. Although it looks from the previews that Wes and Michael both get overnight dates! So we shall see!!!
Jon and Kate...quit saying you are doing everything you do for the kids. Kids deserve to have a Mom and Dad both living in the same house everyday! They don't need vacations, toys or crooked houses (even though those were pretty cool). They just need you both to get along and show them how communication and a relationship works. Right now you are simply showing them when things get tough...well just give up and start a new chapter! I think they should have to go back and pay for that Hawaii trip since it was all to "show" (and for ratings) the kids that they will be together forever. What a lie!

I hate that I am so involved in these shows but I can't help but watch. My goal is to stat living my life in a way that makes me feel interesting. Not that I want people to "watch" but right now I am wasting my life watching other people live theirs. I don't want to look back and wonder what happened to these years of my life!

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