Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Some say Love.....

I really like Jillian! But she can see that there are some guys telling her what she wants to hear! I mean who wouldn't love being sung to Romeo and Juliet style. But really does he only know the one song? I get that you are writing it for her but seriously we are getting tired of hearing it! Then on to Juan so anyone else see a very gay side to him? I don't understand why he is still around because she seems to want a manly man! I don't think I'm alone in thinking that Juan is definitely not a manly man! I don't see him changing a tire on her car.
Now to my front runners! I love Jake the Pilot! He seems so real and down to earth. I think he'll be one of the final two!and Kiptyn... he was kind of quite until last night and I think she likes him a lot! Plus his name is really cute too! I will have to add it to my secret baby name book!
What is the deal with the foot guy! I mean seriously! Am I wrong am I the only one that finds him annoying?


Brittany said...

can we possibly start watching this together??? I need someone who will get into it just as much as I do! k? thanks!

A mom and one princess said...

Hey Maggie!! So I LOVE this show! We have the same likes and dislikes about the guys. Tanner the foot guy is so freaking weird! And I am sooo glad Dave AND Juan got the boot. I am all for Jake the pilot!