Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010: Part 2

I could have done this all in one post but I'm lazy like that.  I got tired of looking at the pictures last night so I decided that I would show yall the flag football game here.  We don't always play flag football (although we are huge football fans).  My older brother got a flag football set with the flag belts and end zone markers.  I wasn't going to play at first but then my little brother started stacking his team so he asked me and Patrick to play.  We had a ball. 

The red team won.  As my sister would say the yellow team had 1 three year old, one six year old and a senior citizen there was no way they could have won. (For the record my dad isn't quite a senior citizen like my sister would like to believe!)
We had so much fun!  I can't wait till we all get to play again.
Here are some other photos from them day.
Mom took these of Dad hiding the eggs so they'd remember where they hid them.

They were fishing in the pond.
He was so excited to wear John's hat.
Patrick and I also went to his parents house Sunday evening for dinner.  We were so tired! I didn't get any pictures.  Melissa always makes a ton of delicious food.  We also got baskets from them too. 

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