Sunday, April 25, 2010

Porter's 3rd Birthday Party

Today Patrick and I hosted Porter's 3rd birthday party at our home.  It was racecar themed and everything was perfect.  He is such a sweet child.  He always wants to help.  I was putting Harper's hair up in pig tails (after she'd taken them down once) and he walked up to her and said "Looks cute Parper!).  How sweet is that. 
He wanted to ride in Gary's car (for some reason he's started calling my dad Gary!)
All four of the kiddos.  They are so cute and sweet!
Porter and his root beer.
The awesome racecar cake that Nana made.
He gets embarassed when he's the center of attention.  He started crying when we sang to him.  It was so sweet.  He was pretty excited when it came time to blow out the candles.
Me and the birthday boy. I can't believe he's already 3 years old. 

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Brittany said...

love love love that picture of all four of them! so sweet! Your photography skills are really impressing me!