Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010: Part 1

I have been so tickled looking at everyone's Easter posts.  They are mostly filled with sweet children with sleepy faces checking out baskets filled with goodies, or the same sweet children hunting eggs in their precious Easter outfits.  My post is a bit different.  Yes, I have a photo of my family before we headed to church  dressed in our "Sunday Best".  Other than that we are anything but normal.  You'll see our full contact egg hunt where the "children" hunt eggs and then tackle eachother to steal them.  It's brutal but the highlight of the day for us.  We've done it for several years now.  My parents hide eggs and my brothers and sister and I fight eachother to see who gets the most eggs.  Some will lie, cheat, and steal to win (Elizabeth!).  Some are more mellow and just enjoy the hunt (Me!).  We have two rounds and the winner of each round competes in the final round for all the bragging rights.  When I tell people about our tradition the first question I usually get asked is what does the winner get.  Then funny thing is...there are no prizes.  I mean none.  No candy in the eggs, no money in the eggs and no grand prize if you win the whole thing.  We hunt for bragging rights and thats really all it takes to motivate us.

Our Family.  Poor Patrick had to work Saturday night and didn't get to go to sleep before we had to start getting ready for church.
I voted this cutie "Best Dressed".  He wanted his picture with Ally.  (the feeling was not mutual!)
Self-timer of the family.  Not so great but we were all in it which doesn't happen often enough.
Porter was so excited that Uncle Shawn rode him around on the motorcycle.
Fighting over an egg.  John's strategy was not to look for eggs but to simply tackle people when they found the eggs. 
He is very light on his feet.
Porter was over having his picture made. 
The 2010 Maxwell Family Easter Egg Hunt Champion
Mr. John Charles Christopher Maxwell
Why is he wearing boxing gloves you might ask.  The boys thought it would add to the level of difficulty for the final round.  They were right.  It was way to funny watching them try to pick up eggs with those things on. 
Check back tomorrow for the flag football game.  I'm not going to bore you with more pictures tonight.  We had a blast as we always do when we're together.  I'm also going to do a whole post on all the random pitcures my mom took.  She was the photographer for the day and was using my camera.  (She gets pretty excited at how fast it will snap a shot.) There are some pretty funny shots.

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