Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

It's time for the weigh-in again.  I almost made my goal of 140lbs by Easter.  Easter morning I weighed in at 141.5  I was pretty excited, but then Easter happened. Ham, rolls, chocolate, awesome cookies my sister-in-law made, mashed potatoes, cake I did add some fruit and veggies too.  It was all so good.  I'm not sure if I have enough self control when it comes to all this chocolatey goodness... 
Yes you see correctly 2 chocolate bunnies, 1 bag m&m's, 1 bag snickers (1 bag not pictured), 1 bag whoppers robin eggs, 1 bag hershey eggs, and 1 bag hershey kisses.  This was just from Patrick parents.  From my parents I got a super cute jumper (i'm wearing it in the Easter posts!).  Two minatures, a few pieces of candy and some other stuff.  I'm glad I got the jumper I felt like I was being rewarded for all my hard work. 
Okay now for the scale...
I was very pleased.  Even though I was at 141.5 on Sunday morning ( I always weigh less in the morning anyway I officially weigh-in in the afternoons!)  So 144.2lbs.  Down 1.4lbs from last week.  Wednesday Weigh-In total comes to 17.8lbs.  Only 9 more pounds till I reach my goal.  I've been hanging out outside more these days... Not necessarily exercising but getting out of the house sometimes walking or just laying in the yard with a book.  I feel better when I don't sit in front of the tv or computer.  I do feel like I got a lot of exercise Sunday hunting eggs and playing football.  I was definately sore on Monday.
I guess that is all for this week.  I'm adding a McLinky again this week so be sure to join in I promise this is all the motivation you'll need!

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