Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Weekend on the way!

I have one of the busiest weekends on the calendar this weekend.  It is time for the Annual Magnolia Festival here is Gardendale.  I am helping with the Pooch Parade this year so Ally won't be competing.  You can read about last years Pooch Parade here (Miss Ally was voted People's Choice!)  Then tomorrow afternoon I have a lingerie shower for one of my sister's friends (she's my friend too! She has a sister my age!)  After that I e to go back to work to finish up some work!  I'm also hoping to get to see some of Alabama's A-Day game!  I wish I could go... but I can't!  Sunday is church and then Patrick's nephew's birthday party.  I'm also very excited about my photo shoot with Hope (my little brother's girlfriend) and her "Rising Star" for the Miss Alabama pageant!  I'm so excited about all the festivites I just hope I survive!
I  thought I'd leave you with some interesting photos from easter my mom took! I thought they were hilarious!
My sister's legs.  I think she was bleeding.
My big brother's belly.
Me apparently playing dead!
Dad hiding the they could remembe where they hid them.
My sister beating the crap out of me while Drew steals my egg.  Don't worry my sister manages to smile at the camera and my mother didn't bother to stop her.  Instead she took her picture.
That's all for now.  Check back to see a recap of the weekend.  If I make it!

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