Sunday, April 25, 2010

Severe Weather Saturday

We had severe weather all day yesterday.  James Spann was on in my living room from the time I woke up till I went to bed.  I'd laid down at 9:30ish when I was almost asleep  I heard the siren.  I jumped up and went to the living room and sure enough the radar looked like it was headed right for Morris.  I got my computer and  pillow (I also got a pair of shorts and my camera you know in case it was bad and I needed to document it and I didn't want to be caught without any shorts on.) I headed to the basement.  I'm so glad we have a tv down there now.  Sam and Gracie were crying they were so scared so I let them in the basement room with me (the usually sleep in the garage).  Sam has never been an inside dog.  He's slept in the basement his whole life.  Gracie on the other hand was an inside dog until she moved here.  She was right at home in the den.  Sam was very quick to make himself at home too.  He jumped right up on the couch.  When we got the all clear to go back upstairs I opened the door to the garage and Gracie ran in and Sam just sat by the couch and looked at me like I was crazy if I thought he was going back in there.  It was pretty funny. 
Ally was making sure that Gracie knew who was in charge.
Sam loves being an inside dog.  He could get used to this.
Her face says it all.  She likes being the dog of the house.
This is Sam telling me he is not going into the garage.  He's so big he knows that I can't make him move.  I'll try to put the leash on him but he just lays down on his back and I can't drag him.  I ended up bribing him with a water bottle.
I do not enjoy bad weather.  I am so thankful it didn't get bad here and the storm actually went north of us.  I especially hate it when Patrick is at work and I have to hold the fort down by myself.  Luckily I've got all my fur babies to keep me company.

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